a11 and a12 and a13

A-11: Try the Testbed

(1) Try the Testbed interface on the sample tables with these queries (one at a time) to get used to it:

show tables;

describe sample1;

describe sample2;

select * from sample1;

select * from sample2;

select sample2.name, city, amount FROM sample2, sample1
where sample2.name = sample1.custname AND industrytype = “B”;

select salesperson from sample2, sample1
where sample2.name = sample1.custname and city = “Manchester”
order by salesperson asc;

Also, try the various buttons and controls on the Testbed webpage to see what they do.

(2) Then, CREATE AND POPULATE THE THREE TABLES AntiqueOwners, Orders, and Antiques as defined in the Hoffman SQL Tutorial. To do this, you will use (at least) the Create Table and Insert commands.

(3) Capture the result of a SELECT * for each of those tables and submit them.

(4) Then, run this join query, also from the Hoffman SQL Tutorial, and capture and submit its result:

select OwnerLastName, OwnerFirstName from AntiqueOwners, Antiques
where BuyerID = OwnerID and Item=”Chair”;

A-12: Run the Antique Buyers query from a PHP program –

Based on the sample PHP program given for running a database query,
write and run a PHP program to perform the Antique Buyers query from the last step of assignment A-11. Name the script “buyers.php” and put it in your samples directory.

Submit your PHP script buyers.php (your .php file but not the others files the instructor gave you that it uses) and a captured sample of its webpage output.

A-13: Tables Design for a Film Showings DB

Given the attached requirements for a Film Showings database, develop and document your detailed plan for what Tables and needed in the database and how those Tables are related to each other.

Use whatever notation or documentation method you have been taught for expressing such a design that will satisfy the requirements of the problem.

DO NOT BUILD and tables in your MySQL database for this assignment. This is an exercise in understanding and designing to meet user requirements and to come up with a workable plan for relational database tables. It is NOT an exercise in building those tables.

Attach you answer as a Word, PDF, Powerpoint, jpg, png, gif, or text document, or some combination (could be several files). Please put your name on the top of the first page of every file of your submission.


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