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Question 1. [7 marks] [Chapter 3] A group of students was interested in testing whether the speed of wooden (non-motorised) gocarts depends on the type of wheels used. They had two different options of wheels to choose from: either fitted or not fitted with bearings. Based on past experience, they believed that the wheels fitted with bearings would rotate easier and the go-cart should go faster. They decided to conduct a series of 24 test runs using the different wheels and record the speeds. They had one cart on which they could quickly change the wheels. The same driver was used for each test run. Each test run was randomly assigned to use either wheels with bearings or without bearings. The data is stored in the file “Go-cart2.csv” which can be downloaded from Canvas. The data contains 2 variables: Time The time it took to complete a 200m run (in seconds) Wheel The type of wheel used (either Bearings or NoBearings)
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