1. Answer the following questions based on the graphic below.· What is the dominant trait?· What is the recessive trait?· What are the homozygous genotype(s)?· What are the heterozygous genotype(s)?· How did two red roses produce a white rose?2. There are two types of butterflies in the highlands of Mexico; one is orange and one is blue. Orange is dominant (B) and blue is recessive (b).a. Define what dominant and recessive traits are.b. If a butterfly has the genotype BB, what is the corresponding phenotype?c. If a butterfly has the genotype Bb, what is the corresponding phenotype?d. If a butterfly has the genotype bb, what is the corresponding phenotype?3. How do the peppered moths in England demonstrate natural selection? Make sure you discuss what happened in relation to natural selection NOT just what happened to the moths.4. What is the difference between homology and homoplasy? Which is better for species classification? Why?5. What is anthropology?  What are the four subfields? Define physical anthropology.6. Choose two individuals  discussed in the reading, lecture, or handout that contributed to pre-evolutionary thought and discuss their contribution.7. Name and briefly define the 3 types of selections discussed in Chapter 3. Provide an example oftwotypes.8. Explain how nuclear DNA replicates and how proteins are synthesized. Be sure to name where in the cell each step takes place.9. Answer the following questions based on the diagram below. The questions are below the image· Define “primitive trait.”· For Cootie 1, identify 1 primitive trait.· Define “derived trait.”· For Cootie 2 identify 1 derived trait10. State and define Mendel’s two principles (or laws).11. What is meant by the biocultural approach? How does sickle cell anemia exemplify the biocultural approach?


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