need to answer questions in the form of an essay, font 12, 1-inch margins, use the attached files for info and also online resources if need be, with complete references list. no specific format needed. NO PLAGIARISM, will be submitted through on the Benthos II: Lower Invertebrates1. The organisms in the Phylum Mollusca are very diverse. What are the subgroups? What are the critical identifying characteristics for each of these groups?2. Compare and contrast Pteropods and Heteropods. How are they similar? How are they different?3. What are the major cephalopod subgroups? What are the identifying characteristics for each of these?4.  Why are priapulid worms (like the cactus worm) more complex than annelid worms?5. What is ecdysis and why is this process important.6. Lastly, why is semalparity an important reproductive strategy? What is this, which organisms do this, and how is this different from iteroparity. Be sure to use examples in your response.


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