This discussion will specifically focus on “islets of ability” (special abilities and skills) and impaired motor skills as identified in individuals with ASD and addressed in the first section of Chapter 10.

First, identify ways in which spared, or relatively spared abilities in people with ASD across the spectrum can be capitalized on – whether automatically and unconsciously by the individual or with the assistance of others – to benefit the individual. Give practical examples. In addition, do a web search on this topic and discuss the additional examples you find (a simple search for “islets of ability” or “strengths in autism” should give you a great start!). Provide links and/or citations to the outside sources from your search.

Second, pretend you are designing an exercise program for an overweight adolescent boy with middle-to-high functioning ASD, what forms of exercise might you realistically expect him to be able to do and persist with – and why? How would the exercise program differ from one you might develop for an overweight non-autistic boy of the same age? (Assume the assistance of a supportive adult in both cases). Be sure to incorporate relevant material and/or references from Chapter 10 to support your exercise program and rationale. You might find the following resources helpful:………


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