Class diagram and use case diagram


Address the first question posed and then create the two diagrams as instructed below.

You can create your diagrams in Visio®, Word, or PowerPoint® (using drawing tools in Word or PowerPoint) or draw them out by hand and share photos.

Assignment Requirements

  1. Describe the difference between a use case and a class diagram. What is the purpose of each? What role do they play in object-oriented-programming design specifically?
  2. Create a class diagram that describes an automobile dealership. Your class diagram should include at least 6 classes and show the relationships between the classes.

Refer to this site for additional examples of class diagrams:

  1. Create a use case that depicts the actors (people and systems) and processes involved in a university system that registers students for classes. Be sure that your use case includes all actors (systems and people) Involved in a university class registration process and show the interactions between actors. At a minimum, you should show the student, the registrar, the online registration system, and accounts receivable.

Refer to this site for additional examples of use case diagrams:

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