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Resources: Scottsdale Police Department Strategic Plan, Week 3 individual assignment: Strategic Plan Evaluation
You are a strategy leader with the Scottsdale Police Department and your role is to communicate the details, accomplishments, progress, and concerns of the strategic plan to all stakeholders.
Review your Week 3 individual assignment: Strategic Plan Evaluation for possible details to include in your communication outline. I also provided the format on how this current teacher wants his papers done.
Write a 525- to 700-word outline for communicating the Scottsdale Police Department’s Strategic Plan internally and externally. Please follow the format provided and the
Include the following in your outline: Each bullet point should have its own level 1 heading.

Method for communicating the strategic plan to internal and external stakeholders
Summary of main issues being addressed in the plan and why they are a concern to the public
Influence of stakeholders
Potential detractors to the plan

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