drug legalization pros and cons

I have a Final Report Project and should be about Drug legalization Pros and Cons.
I have already write outlines for that .

Final Presentation Outline
B.Kind of drugs
II.Causes of addictions
III.Drug legalization

You can find all instructions Down

Format. The team will produce a report , The team must provide a unified position on the topic. Although the report should address and respond to the various individual arguments, the report should do so from the unified position being advanced by the team—not from the varying perspectives presented in the symposium. Note that there is no one right or wrong position.
Use double-spacing, 1” margins, and New Times Roman 12-point font (the font of this assignment). The report should be between 10-12 pages (excludingthe cover page, bibliography, and appendices).
Research. The team report must include at least twelve credible sources from referred journals (not Wikipedia, although it is a good place to find some references; scroll down to the bottom).
Bibliography. The bibliography should follow APA style.
Documentation Style. Use APA report formatting to include
Title page, table of contents, page numbering,etc.;
Correct in-text (aka parenthetical) citations—whether the information is quoted, paraphrased or summarized; and
Visual Aids. The report should include at least three visuals, which are correctly integrated, formatted and sourced.

Title Page. Provide the report title, which should announce the report’s purpose and subject by using descriptive words. Avoid an overly long and involved title. Make the title the most prominent item, highest on the page, followed by the name of the recipient(s), the author(s) and date of submission. Follow APA guidelines.
Table of Contents (TOB). The TOB should be detailed enough for the reader to glance through to easily find a topic of interest and its corresponding page number. Do not include the title page or TOB here; but do include the list of tables and figures, and executive summary.
List of Figures and Tables. On a separate page following the TOB (or at the end of the TOB, if it fits) list the figures and tables. Use specific titles so the reader knows what the figures or tables are about. Note on the visuals: there should be a minimum of three (one of which you created), and they should be numbered, titled, documented and integrated (refer the reader to them in the text prior to the visual).
Executive Summary. This is a brief summary of your report and is helpful for readers who are only interested in the big picture. Write for a general audience and make sure the summary can stand on its own. Write in a logical sequence and state the following:

The purpose of the report (explain the issue and include your researchquestions),
How you researchedit,
Your majorfindings,
Your conclusions andrecommendations.

Introduction.* The introduction engages and orients the audience. Write in a logical sequence and be sure to include the following sub-headings to help ensure these elements are not missed:

Definition, Description, and Background – Identify your topic’s origin and significance, define and describe the problems or issues, and provide background as briefly as possible. Readers don’t need a long historylesson.
Intended Audience – Identify youraudience(s).
Limitations of the Study – Explain any limitations (access to secured govt. docs)or omissions (pending response frominterviewee).
Scope of Inquiry – In a logical order, list the topics you haveresearched.
Conclusion(s) – Preview your conclusion; don’t make readers wade through the entire report to find out what yourecommend.

2.Purpose – Explain the purpose of your report, and include the research question(s)you hope to answer.
4.Method of Inquiry (Methodology) – Briefly identify the methods you used to research and analyze the problem or issue. Discuss your specific Primary Sources (non-interpreted data, interviews, and surveys) and Secondary Sources(literature).
6.Working Definitions – List working definitions, but if you have more than five (5), use a glossary at theend.
Body.* The body describes and explains your findings. Present a clear and detailed picture of the evidence, interpretations, and reasoning on which you will base your conclusion (everything
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