finish business plan using the following guidelines

The assignment is to complete a business plan according to the executive summary provided.
Make sure to follow each and every requirement that is being provided here. As well as the business plan “Template”
Since this is an extensive assignment, the content needs be specific and non-repetitive.
The flow of your final projects, also known as business plans, should look and cover the following items (at the minimum):
A. Executive Summary – here you state your case, where you will operate, a summary of the team skills (internal and external) summary projections, capital investment sought (sources and uses briefly because you will go in more detail later)
B. The industry and market details – including, but not limited to: the company and concept(s); products and/or services; market entry and growth strategy
C. Market research and analysis : sourcing is critical here (where did you get your data to validate your business ideas); discuss customers; market size and trends are good to know; competition and your competitive edge (what differentiates you in the market you are entering); marketing plan, including but not limited to targeting, positioning, marketing mix (product mix), and promotion
D. Design and development plans
E. Operations plans
F. Management team, including skills within and being brought in
G. Performance monitoring
H. Critical risks, problems (which often translates into opportunities) , and ASSUMPTIONS
I. The financial plan
J. Contingency plans, and (ideally) exit strategies
K. Use the Appendices for detailed charts, spread sheets, and other supporting documentation
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