Unit 1: Discovery Research
The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report (Links to an external site.) revealed that Sub-Saharan (SSA) economies continue to register impressive growth rates of about 5% below only emerging and developing Asia. This discovery research provides exposure and practice to key measures that impact economic performance.
1. Conduct a literature review and then share your discoveries in the discussion. Let the discussion scope guide  your discovery research. You are required to have at least three resources. 
2. Initial post
1. Define Sub-Saharan Africa
2. Identify the top five economic performers in the SSA region using the following key measures. Be sure to cite your references to justify your selection, while assessing the key measures for each country.
§ public institutions
§ clear property rights
§ strong judicial independence
§ infrastructure
§ education/innovation
§ efficient government.
3. Now that you have researched the key measures, take on the role of a consultant. The SSA economy managers have asked you which of the key measures can be improved.
1. Identify two key measures that can be improved.
2. Provide at least one persuasive recommendation for each key measure. 


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