Today, we’re taking a quick break from David & Goliath to read what Graff and Birkenstein had to say about summarizing. As you learned from the chapter, writing an accurate summary is an important part of any argument or research paper. Let’s see if you can apply what you’ve learned in this chapter to the book we’ve been reading!

For today’s task, I would like you to choose any of the chapters you’ve read so far in David & Goliath (including the introduction) and offer a one paragraph summary of it. And the end of the paragraph, or in a new paragraph, I would like you to state your opinion on the topic. You can agree or disagree (or agree conditionally) with Gladwell’s argument. While you don’t have to write a lot to support your own point of view (remember, the point here is to work on a summary), you should give us a brief explanation of why you agree or disagree with Gladwell.

Your summary will probably be a straight one, though if you take issue with any of Gladwell’s points and you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can absolutely write a satirical summary. Be sure to use signal verbs that fit the action, and use the templates and verb suggestions from the They Say / I Say chapter as you need them.


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