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Income can have significant effects on people’s spending patterns. Research studies have revealed that consumer expenditure is influenced by various factors such as their income, gender, age and level of education. In order to investigate the relationship between food expenditure and take home pay in Australia, a researcher plans to survey a sample of individuals across the country.Part 1Briefly explain(a) What type of survey method could the researcher use and why?(b) What sampling method could the researcher use to select his/her sample and why?(c) What kind of issues the researcher may face in this data collection?HintsIn systematic sampling, the first sampling unit is selected at random, while the remaining units are selected according to a predetermined pattern involving regular intervals of units. Here, the remaining units don't have the same probability of being included in the sample but are dependent on the selection of the first unit. Thus if a population has N units numbered from 1 – N in some order and a sample of size n is to be drawn such that, k = N/n, where k is sampling interval. Systematic sample of size n will include units i, i + k, i + 2k, …, i + (n-1)k.  
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