**I ONLY Need An Introduction and a Partial Conclution!!!**
The “Sources of Competitive Advantage” image above shows the focus of competitive advantage for seven companies:

Toyota focuses on quality as its competitive advantage.
IBM focuses on service as its competitive advantage.
Wal-Mart focuses on low cost as its competitive advantage.
Coca-Cola focuses on its proprietary products as its competitive advantage.
Apple focuses on innovation as its competitive advantage.
Nike focuses on brand recognition as its competitive advantage.
Nintendo focuses on value as its competitive advantage.


Slide 1: Include title of the team PowerPoint, course name and number, instructor’s name, date submitted, and names of team members.
Slide 2: As a team, select a company from the list of organizations listed above that integrates information systems to support its business strategies. Describe the business mission and goals of your chosen organization.
Slide(s) 3-4: As a team, describe how information systems create competitive advantages for your chosen organization. Analyze and identify the types and functions of systems used in the organization.
Slide 5: What different types of data make up “big data” for your chosen company? Describe the big data (what it is and how it is used). Big is a term that describes extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations. Examples of big data may include data in a company’s customer service department used to solve customer problems or a company’s use of stock market or competitive intelligence data to predict the future (Hint: You can find examples of big data used by the organization by reviewing data reports on the “Investors” or “Our Investors” tab of the organization’s website). Justify your answers.
Slide 6: Conclusion
Slide 7: Reference list


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