Intraosseous access

Abstract – Please read the abstract writing guidelines and submit using these guidelines.


PICOT Question statement – add this statement: “We used the IOWA Model of Evidence Based Practice to systematically answer this question.               “


Make sure to state your PICOT Question in the poster in this format: “In   —P (population)—  , how does —I (intervention)– compared to  —C (comparison)— affect  —O (outcome that is measurable)— over —T (time period)—?”


AIM Statement – based on the PICOT, what do you expect to find after your implementation? 

How good? 

By when? 

Make sure your aim is measurable.


Literature Review and Evidence Appraisal – describe how you searched for evidence in the literature. 

What keywords did you use? 

What databases did you search? CINAHL or PubMed or Medline? 

What filters did you use? (Did you filter systematic reviews or meta-analysis?) 

Did you filter for year published? (In the last 5 years? In the last 10 years?). 

How many articles did you get (yield total) after applying the filters? 

How did you appraise your evidence?

How did you use the evidence pyramid to appraise your evidence?

Did you put together a synthesis table of your articles? 

Is there evidence to support your PICO question? (Is the evidence strong, moderate or weak? Based on your synthesis table.). 

If the evidence is weak, did you change your PICO question? (If you did, go through the same cycle for evidence appraisal). 


Methods – make sure you describe your pilot project implementation in the PDSA Improvement Model.         

This is the section to insert graphs or tables with your data.

Or add pictures related to your project that will make your poster interesting.


**Plan – how did you plan the pilot? 

**Do – how did you do/implement, when, for how long 

**Study – what did you learn from your Do phase? Describe what went well and did not go well.       

**Act – describe how you included what you learned in the bigger implementation of your project     


** The information for the PDSA section can be found in the PDSA Worksheet you previously submitted.


Results – make sure to add a graph, table to show your results. Describe in a couple of brief sentences.       


Conclusions – describe your thinking process about your project. Did the results meet the aim statement? How will you sustain this project.  



 – Add this reference. 


plz, fill out the poster and plz use the following references:

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