Intro to criminology | Criminal homework help

Please answer the following questions:

Do you believe the term “criminal justice system” is an oxymoron? Why or why not?
Identify a mala prohibita law(s) that exists in Florida which you believe should be decriminalized? Why?

classmate answered: 
“I believe that criminal justice is an oxymoron, I believe that the criminal justice system is broken and cannot be fixed regardless of the efforts to reduce or eliminate crime. Many are conflicted with what is and whats supposed to be within the criminal justice system as to where the criminal justice system is supposed to help our society in ways there and pros and cons within the criminal justice system and some things cannot be fixed. I feel as though the criminal justice system can be better within the entire process and over the years it has gotten worse, and it should be more fair and reliable for individuals to actually think that they have a chance rather then being scared or even not knowing how their life would turn out once in the system. I believe that drunk driving should be decriminalized due to the fact that being drunk or sober there can be accidents that are caused. There any many more accidents happening on a daily basis due to technology  and not paying attention along with many other reasons that may cause accidents. Even though an individual may have consumed liquor an act of wrong doing still has not been done. One has not committed anything to act as if it is a crime to drink while driving. Drunk driving has increased over the years but so has normal accidents on a regular every day basis that are more deadly than drunk driving. Drunk driving is dangerous but there is far more things that are more dangerous than drunk driving. Just because an individual consumes liquor does not mean that they are drunk because they get behind the wheel and it does not mean that one may be drunk driving to put another ones life in danger or at risk. “
Explain in 175 words why i disagree drunk driving should be decriminalized. 
Make sure your replies are a thoughtful and relevant to what your classmate has posted. Try to build the discussion and keep it going.

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