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This assignment requires you to analyze and solve an optimization problem presented in an e-mail style format. Download the attached Optimization word problem.pdf and read through the scenario. Additional notes have been included within each problem.
After you have analyzed the scenario, solve the optimization problems. You will solve the problems using graphical and computational methods. Directions on required resources are available at the bottom.
Include a graph along with your solution for problem 1.Include the results from Excel spreadsheet with the values clearly labeled for problem 2.(These can be included within the written response, or as separate files)
Then draft a response to the questions posed in each problem. NOTE: Write your response in a professional manner, as if submitting your analysis to a supervisor. Submit your completed analysis in this assignment.
————————————-There are a few ways in which you can generate a graph.1)Grapher application in the Utilities folder (within the Applications folder)2)Download the free, open source, dynamic mathematical software Geogebra available at:
You may either download and use one of the blank templates, or create your own. The included ones match the template in the explanation from the above website.

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