Comparison of Psychological Symptoms and Serum Levels of Neurotransmitters in Shanghai Adolescents with and without Internet Addiction Disorder: A Case-Control Study

We will only focus on the amount of neurotransmitters and not the anxiety/depression part. Also, our control and experimental groups need to be different. We will have 100 people chosen randomly. Our control group will be 50 people who don’t use a computer for 1 hour, but we will use the results from the article of the group without Internet addiction disorder. For the experimental group, we will have 50 people who play an action game on a computer for 1 hour, and we will use the results from the article of the group with Internet addiction disorder.

Cover page

1. Name

2. Your major

3. Why did you pick this study

4. State the independent and dependent variables of your study

5. What is the operational definition of your dependent variable

The following should be an additional 5-6 pages, doubled space.

1. Title, name and credentials, 2. Abstract, 3. Background Information with two citings (hypothesis at the end of the section) 4. Method (with operational definition), 5. Results (one graph), 6. Summary and Recommendations, (Base recommendations on your outcome). 7. Bibliography (2 references from the Background Information section which you can create on your own but in the proper APA form).

The article should pertain to psychology in your given field of study (i.e., nursing, education, etc).

Your grade will depend on following the format, the accuracy of the concepts and terms, and the relationship to your field of study.


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