Protecting Data against Computer Crimes
In this assignment, you will consider the need for data privacy and explore the legal protection available against computer crimes. Part of this assignment is a consideration of different techniques that can be used to authenticate a user for a system.
Let’s continue with the scenario from W3 Assignment 1.
In your last meeting, Paul Gray mentioned he was concerned about the security of his clients and their own management of passwords and accounts. Improper password management can lead to cases of fraud and misuse of the system.
One such type fraud is that victims’ account passwords can be stolen and their share trading accounts can be misused for making unauthorized transactions that result in the victims making losses. This crime can be executed by the suspect installing key loggers in public computers, such as cyber cafes or airport lounges, or in the victim’s own computer. Unsuspecting victims use these infected computers to log in to their online banking and share trading accounts. The passwords and other information pertaining to the victims are e-mailed to the suspect. In such cases, it is often difficult to prosecute the perpetrators, and the existing set of controls is inadequate to fight this type of computer crime.
The perpetrators may also be juveniles. The law understands the immaturity of juveniles and shows leniency toward crimes committed by juveniles. Crimes committed by juveniles can cause the same damage to the economy as the ones committed by a mature individual.
Based on your understanding of the scenario, respond to the following questions:

How would you advise Gray’s clients to manage their passwords and usernames for the account to minimize the risk of fraudulent use?
What advice would you give Gray and his clients regarding the online use of personal information? Why is online privacy an important consideration? Justify your position.
In your opinion, which are the two most critical reasons for the difficulty in prosecuting the perpetrators of computer crimes? How is the situation complicated if the attack is carried out in a different nation than the one in which the victim or attacked system resides? Justify your answer.
Do you think that the law should be modified to bring juveniles under the legal net? Justify your answer.

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