Newborn Information. ***Please make sure all the boxes in the table are filled out*** My NewBorn was healthy. No complications.
Assessment information
Date of care: 4/23/2019
Date of delivery: 4/22/19 at time: 1215 vaginally
apgar score 9/9
Sex: female.
Gestational age: 40 weeks 1 day
weight: 3.776kg
Baby intake: samelet (lactose formula) (27ml)
Baby fed for 30min today
2-3hrs feeding.
(Mother breastfeeds and bottle feed)
No epidural
baby temp: 98.5 f(36.9c)
Pulse 130bpm
resp. 40bmp
Infant stooling and voiding. I changed the diaper two times, baby had bowel movement twice but no urination yet.
Please make sure you fill out all the boxes in the table. Baby had no complications so everything should be normal. Baby is African American. I do not have have all the information but all labs should be normal with explanation.
Any questions let me know.

Where they are question marks, please answer with explanation


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