Hi, please write one page investment proposal on Park Avenue Tower. I attached my first draft of the paper. I started my proposal for a bit in the first paragraph, please add more sentences on it. One page, approximately 300 words more? There is no need to make changes to other parts of my draft. Only the first paragraph.

The proposal should talk about the business plan. My business plan is that I will assuming this is a vacant building (in other words, I will buy a vacant building at first, then do some renovation) and I will add amentites and office spaces into this building. Parking as well.

Please do some research on investment proposal, what should be included in it. See some examples online.

Highlights of the investments: premium location, efficient and flexible workspace floor plans, and exclusive amenities spaces.

Please tell me know if you need more information. You can also add your thoughts too.

Thank you.


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