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Imagine you are moving to Oneonta, a state in New York but you’e originally from Viet Nam
Part 1 : Summarize your experiences at SUNY ONEONTA, and in American Life/ Culture since your arrival
Questions to consider are :
– Have your experiences been what you thought they would be BEFORE you came to Oneonta? Have they been different? Explain
-What has been the biggest challenge for you since your arrival to Oneonta? What have you done to improve this ? What has helped ?
-What has been the biggest gain (positive) experience(s) about being abroad/ in Oneonta?
– What have you found most interesting about American life/ culture in general?
-What have you found to be the most different from your culture ?
-What has been your happiest achievement / memory/moment/ or experience at SUNY Oneonta or in America so far?
-Name some things that you have learned about American culture that you didn’t know before you came to Oneonta
-What has been the biggest surprise or shock for you about American Culture/ and or Oneonta
Part 2 : Discuss an idea or perspective that you previously had about American Culture before coming to the US that you found to be difference once you arrived. Tell us what you learned
Part 3 : Now, discuss an idea or perspective that you previously had about America Culture before coming to the U.S, that you found to be TRUE, or the same once you arrived. Explain how this idea made you feel-were you comfortable/ content with this part of American Culture
Maximum : 3 pages
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