qualitative data analysis interaction design development

Week 6 Discussion 1

“Qualitative Data Analysis” Please respond to the following:

  • Affinity diagrams are used to identify themes in qualitative data. An affinity diagram uses sticky notes or cards to organize ideas and insights into a hierarchy showing common structures and themes. Typology is a method that classifies qualitative data into groups taken from patterns and themes. Compare and contrast qualitative data analysis using typology and using affinity diagrams.
  • During the collection of usability data from subjects being tested, different forms of data may be collected. The data could include email, text messages, social media, fax, phone calls, and videoconferencing. Tools such as Webboard may be used to consolidate the collected data. Open coding, axial coding, and selective coding are techniques used to create categories and subcategories of the collected data. Discuss the difficulty of creating these categories from different data formats and the reliability of the tools that perform this task. 
Week 6 Discussion 2

“Interaction Design Development” Please respond to the following:

  • In the user-centered design approach, the user best knows his or her goals and the goals are the only guide to the designer. In an activity-based design approach, designers focus mainly on the behavior of the user and not on his / her goals. Compare and contrast these two approaches. Which do you believe is more effective? Explain your answer.
  • Compare and contrast the eXtreme Programming life cycle model used during an interaction design and the Scrum life cycle model. Discuss which is more effective. Explain your answer.


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