quality and safety in practice 4

Assignment Content

This assignment is designed to highlight the role you play in quality, safe patient care on a daily basis.Identify a patient care case from your own practice experience that involves quality and safety.Note: If you are not practicing or have nor practice, use a case that has received media attention or one from the textbook.Summarize the situation.Describe your (or the nurse’s) role in the patient care situation.Explain the role the patient played in their own quality- or safety-related situation.Evaluate the relationship between the patient’s care and the outcome.Identify how the care environment affected the situation, including the nurse or provider, the patient, and the outcome.Determine whether a quality model was employed. If yes, identify and explain it. If not, identify one that could have improved the situation.Explain what actions you might take to improve the outcome or prevent an adverse outcome in the future.Format your assignment as one of the following:

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