Question 1 (1 point) 1. The sub-concept of death related to the recognition that death involves the complete and final cessation of all life-defining capabilities attributed to a living

Question 1 (1 point)
1. The sub-concept of death related to the recognition that death involves the complete and final cessation of all life-defining capabilities attributed to a living physical body is
2. The five-stage model developed by Kubler-Ross 
describes tasks to be undertaken while dying
is criticized for its lack of scientific evidence
stresses physical needs of the dying
has been confirmed by subsequent research
3. When children learn about death by finding, touching and burying a dead bird in the woods, their experience illustrates the potential of:
near-death understanding
teachable moment
vocational motivation
information education
4. A Hospice Nurse discusses specific diseases and described mortality statistics, she is exemplifying the cognitive dimension of death-related education.
5. Explain disenfranchised grief. Select a death that may lead to disenfranchisement and discuss why this grief is disenfranchised. Include societal responses and individual responses. Assume the reader knows nothing of the subject.
Two paragraphs 
6. Older adults are more likely to die from ____________________, while younger adults are more likely to die from accidents.
communicative diseases
chronic diseases
car crashes
acute diseases
7. The founder of the modern hospice movement is
Robert Kastenbaum
Kenneth Doka
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Dame Cicely Saunders
8. What is meant by a death system? Why is important for a society to have a death system? Identify and explain at least two elements and at least two functions of the death system. Assume the reader knows nothing of the topic.
Two paragraphs 
9. Socially sanctioned death includes all of the following except
the Holocaust
10. Three elements are essential in all bereavement:
depression, loss, and shame
a valued relationship, loss, and a survivor
grief, guilt and anticipation
anticipation, depersonalization and love
11. Nursing homes differ from hospitals in that they
lack facilities for acute care
lack facilities for rehabilitative care
none of the above
lack resources for chronic care
12. A 1981 Presidential Commission proposed a definition of death later codified in the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA). This definition requires or includes
a. irreversible stoppage of the capacity for bodily integration and social interaction
b. irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem
c. an invariant procedure for the determination of death
d. loss of circulatory and respiratory function
13. Grief which occurs as a result of a loss that is not or cannot be openly acknowledged, public mourned, or socially supported is called
a. anticipatory grief
b. complicated grief
c. disenfranchised grief
d. none of the above
14. For an adult, the death of a parent or grandparent
a. removes a generational buffer
b. creates the empty nest syndrome
c. all of these
initiates the person’s place in the “sandwich generation”
15. At the present time, most deaths in the United States occur in nursing homes and long-term health care facilities.
16. The elements of a “death system” include
disposing of the death
objects and symbols
caring for the dead
preventing death
17. Most members of our society experience death and dying through providing care for a dying loved one.
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