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Final essay: Research and paradigms, Choose a research topic that interests you . Briefly define, explore and describe the history of the topic. Discuss how the topic is typically approached from a methodological perspective as well as a philosophical paradigm of scientific knowledge. (Note: the Ponteretto article from Week 1 identifies four research paradigms: positivism, post-positivism, constructivism-interpretism, and critical-ideological). Address epistemological and ethical issues that affect how researchers think about the topic using TWO different research paradigms. Describe the ontological underpinnings, epistemological platforms and research methods most often used for each paradigmatic approach. Identify the benefits and weaknesses that each approach brings. Which do you believe this is the best approach for the topic? Why? What might you add in your own approach to this topic? This paper should be written in APA format and should be approximately 6 pages, not including references and the title page. Course source materials are required to support your thinking.

( note: please keep in mind my major early childhood education, so please find some topic related and send me the topic before you get started)
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