short answer essay

Short Answer Essay

Answer five of the following 8 items.Each question is worth 2 points. Answers are to be typed and a complete sentence introduces each question.You may use bullet points for lists and to assist with organization.

  • Discuss the 7 domains of family caregiving assessments and treatment techniques presentedin the Caregiver AssessmentReport by the Family Caregiver Alliance.
  • Discuss alcohol abuse and older adults.In your discussion, describe the population, risk factors, and signs of alcohol abuse.Include discussion on early and late onset.
  • Caregiving is experienced differently in various cultures.In the Multi-cultural caregiving article found on canvas these differences are presented. Present a summary of the current literature on the multi-cultural experience of caregiving.Compare the differences among the different culture regarding support and interventions.
  • Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders among older adults.Discuss how you would assess for depression and suicidal ideation; then present treatment options for the depressed older adult.
  • There are several anxiety disorders found among older adults.Describe 3 of the different anxiety disorders and present intervention and treatment that are known to be successful with older adults.
  • In the article on “Family Conflict at the End of Life” an explanatory matrix of family conflict at end of life is presented.Describe the component of this matrix and how it would assist you in working with a family in conflict when there is a loved one at the end of life.
  • In the Qualls & Zarit (Chapter 14) there is discussion about personal health records (PHR) and how this information may assist older adults and their health care teams.Describe the electronic health record (her) and PHR and how this might impact caregivers.
  • Zarit & Zarit discuss treatment of paranoid symptoms in Chapter 11.List the different causes of paranoid symptoms (ex: schizophrenia) and a brief intervention for each.


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