term project 8


For the term project, you will demonstrate your mastery of HTML and CSS concepts by creating a six (or more) page hierarchical website logically organized by content. The site will contain information about your experience with the social impact of smart phones. This is an opinion site based on your ideas about how smart phones have affected and influenced society. It is not about the type of phones or plans, but about your perceptions and thoughts.

Basic Requirements

  • You will create your code by hand using a text editor like Notepad, Notepad++, not an HTML generator.
  • All code generated must be unique and not based on class assignments.
  • Techniques used are limited to those you learned in class.
  • To obtain credit, you must post your project to your.
  • Content should reflect a balance of text and graphic elements.
  • In-depth coverage of your topic should include 60-70% original work.
  • You must cite all research for content and graphics not created by you.
  • A record of your activities (log) including the date, time spent, activity / accomplishment, and comments (issues you encountered).

Required Components

The project should include the following pages:

  • home page
  • form page
  • 4 or more additional pages to render complete coverage
  • a site map – three levels or more (not included in the page count)

Your pages must contain:

  • a two- or three-column layout
  • CSS must be used for layout
    • one external CSS file will contain formatting for the site (the bulk of css goes here)
    • individual page elements will be formatted with embedded CSS
    • inline css can also be used, if desired
  • a navigation structure using an unordered list
  • header and footer
  • subheadings, bullets as needed (proper writing for the web)
  • images / graphics as appropriate (minimum one per page) relating to the topic
  • at least one Java applet, JavaScript, or jQuery
  • a form; text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, a select list, submit and reset buttons, fieldset and legend
  • accessibility coding
  • a multimedia element
  • external links must open in a new window/tab
  • advanced concepts (list will be provided)
  • Comments, if needed to explain your code

Observe Copyrights

Below are some recommended search options offering public domain or creative-commons licensed content:




Submitting Your Project

Overall Grading

see the instruction and follow the basic requirment and the sitemap and wireframe attach in the zip file see copy of the term project in the zip file


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