the proposal project plan

The plan should be detailed, providing reader-users a thorough understanding of what is necessary to successfully move forward, resolving the problem/issue/opportunity.

As you draft, your project plan should address the following points:

1) Identify your overall solution. Provide an overview of your plan and what it will do. Briefly discuss the major steps of the plan.

2) Provide a detailed step-by-step plan. Partition each step into its minor steps (e.g. What needs to be done to complete each step?).

3) Summarize the final deliverables or outcomes of your plan. What will be created or achieved when your proposed plan is completed? How does it address the problem/issue/opportunity?

While the project plan follows this intro, body, conclusion format, it can be helpful to consider headings and subheadings for this section. Using lists is also a useful strategy when creating the step-by-step plan. For example, your project plan might following this structure:

1. Step 1: Overall Summary of Step

A. First

B. Second

C. Third

2. Step 2: Overall Summary of Step

and so forth.

That’s just one suggestion, of course; but having that level of organization can make it easy for reader-users to follow your logic for the plan.

700- 800 words.


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