topic 4 dq 2 17

Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references.
The levels of research evidence identified will help you determine the quality of the evidence that is available for practice. The best research evidence generated from systematic reviews, meta-analyses, meta-syntheses, and mixed-methods systematic reviews is used to develop standardized, evidence-based guidelines for use in practice. (Grove 2015) The levels of the research evidence are a continuum, with the highest quality of research evidence at one end and weakest research evidence at the other.
Strongest research evidence –
1.Systematic review of experimental studies (Use of RCTs)
2.Meta analysis of experimental RCTs and quasi experimental studies
3.Integrative reviews of RCTs and quasi experimental studies
4.Single experiential RCT.
5.Single quasi experimental study.
6.Meta analysis of correlational study
7.Integrative reviews of correlational and descriptive studies
8.Qualitative research metasynhesis and meta-summaries
9.Single correlational study
10.Single qualitative or descriptive study
11.Opinions by respected authorities based on clinical evidence, reports of expert committees
Weakest research evidence

Grove, S., Gray, J., Burns, N. (2015). Understanding Nursing Research, 6th Edition. [Pageburstls]. Retrieved from…
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