Based on the movie, The Lost Tribe, shown in class, explain how researchers use language in the Tasaday people to draw conclusions about whether they were truly separate from the Manobo people. Discuss the roles that different researchers in the film played in this task. You may also use your textbooks and/or peer-reviewed articles for help. Be sure to use appropriate citations and references.

• Movie reference: Lerner, B. (writer and producer). (1993). The Lost Tribe [Motion picture]. NOVA: BBC-TV.


• Appropriate in-text citations and references.

• 1 page, APA format (including in-text citations plus a reference page), submitted on Livetext

• Assignment must be in the student’s own words with no direct quotations. No websites may be used as sources.

• Assignment must have a Turnitin score less than 10%.

Here is the link of the movie:


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