For today, write three full-page essay using your MLA template that responds to the following:

  • What is Postman’s main claim, thesis, or primary point in “The word weaver/the world makers”?
    • How does this main claim relate to the title, “The Word Weavers/The World Makers”?
    • What is one quote from the text that supports the main claim? To incorporate this quote into your essay, use a correct signal phrase, an accurate quotation, and MLA in-text citation. For page numbers, you can use the page numbers from the document (pages 1-3).
  • What key supporting points does Postman make to support this primary point?
    • How do these points directly relate to the main claim?
  • What rhetorical appeals does Postman use (e.g., appeals to logic, authority, or emotion, or timeliness)?
    • How do these appeals help him persuade us of his main claim?
  • Thinking back to the issue you explored in “Where I’m From,” how could the essay you wrote help to “weave the world,” and eliminate single stories for your reader?
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the following rhetorical appeals: logos, ethos, pathos, kairos.
  • Demonstrate the following technical skills:
    • Proper capitalization, formatting, and punctuating of titles.
    • Accurate MLA in-text citations.
    • Proper embedding of quotations and paraphrases.
    • The use of the present tense when referring to the ideas in sources.


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