write about ips cells in 4 6 subtopics form and a short summary of all of the subtopics with 6 resources

Describe IPS Cells in 4-6 subtopics form and a short summary of all of the subtopics ( the abstract should be no more than 150 words.) .You must thoroughly investigate the topic, which will require you to research journals from the library and information available on the internet choose reputable websites). You must use at least five resources, none of which can be a textbook, Wikipedia, Encarta (or similar computer encyclopedia) or an encyclopedia.Each subtopic should have a Bold-typed subtitle.Your information can include background material, but should include current information as well.Each section should include references indicating where the information was obtained. Everything should be written in your own words in paragraph format. Each topic should be discussed at a college-level of detail using vocabulary that can be understood by others. also a work cited is needed in APA citation style. The resources should be summarized and not directly quoting.
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